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Whether you're seeking a new bible marker, lectern scarf, or communion table runner to brighten the sanctuary, our Qwick-Ship® paraments all offer exceptional value. Choose from individual pieces or save big when you order a three piece set. We’ve also tailored our standard parament pieces, available in Pavillion or Viva, to be reversible, offering two changes of appearance in one.

3pc Parament Set Red/White Crosses 11718
3pc Parament Set Blue/White Crosses 11714
3pc Parament Set Black/White Crosses 11715
3pc Parament Set Hunter/Purple Crosses 12692
3pc Parament Set Red/White Symbols 11719
3pc Parament Set Hunter/Purple Symbols 12961 12691
3pc Parament Set Red/White Crosses 15081
3pc Parament Set Forest/Purple Crosses 15082
Bible Marker Red/White Cross 11616
Bible Marker Blue/White Cross 11613
Bible Marker Black/White Cross 11611
Bible Marker Hunter/Purple Cross 12681
Bible Marker Red/White Symbols 11617
Bible Marker Hunter/Purple Symbols 12680
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Red/White Cross 11669
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Blue/White Cross 11666
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Black/White Cross 11664
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Hunter/Purple Cross 12683
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Red/White Symbols 11670
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Hunter/Purple Symbols 12682
Communion Table Runner Red/White Cross 11764
Communion Table Runner Blue/White Cross 11761
Communion Table Runner Black/White Cross 11759
Communion Table Runner Hunter/Purple Cross 12685
Communion Table Runner Red/White Symbols 11765
Communion Table Runner Hunter/Purple Symbols 12684
Flower Stand Cover Red/White Cross 11652
Flower Stand Cover Blue/White Cross 12057
Flower Stand Cover Black/White Cross 12170
Flower Stand Cover Hunter/Purple Cross 12687
Flower Stand Cover Red/White Symbols 11653
Flower Stand Cover Hunter/Purple Symbols 12686
3pc Millenova® Parament Set White 13534
3Pc Millenova® Parament Set Emerald 13185
3pc Millenova® Parament Set Ivory 13186
3pc Millenova® Parament Set Majestic Purple 13188
3pc Millenova® Parament Set Vermilion 13189
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf White 13529
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Emerald 13202
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Ivory 13202 13203
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Majestic Purple 13204
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Vermillion 13205
Millenova® Bible Marker White 13530
Millenova® Bible Marker Emerald 13206
Millenova® Bible Marker Ivory 13207
Millenova® Bible Marker Majestic Purple 13208
Millenova® Bible Marker Vermillion 13209
Millenova® Communion Table Runner White 13532
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Emerald 13198
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Ivory 13199
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Majestic Purple 13200
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Vermillion 13201
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover White 13531
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Emerald 13524
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Ivory 13525
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Majestic Purple 13526
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Vermilion 13527

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