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Our selection of clergy stoles is sure to provide the finishing touch for any clergy ensemble. Our reversible pulpit stoles provide exceptional value with two changes of appearance in one. Choose from our selection of wedding stoles, for a beautiful touch to any wedding ceremony. Our visitation stole is reversible and folds easily to be kept in your pocket. Or pick from our other beautiful pulpit stoles, all crafted in fine fabrics with beautiful embroidered details.

Visitation Stole 12201
Reversible Stole Red/White Cross 11733
Reversible Stole Blue/White Cross 11730
Reversible Stole Hunter/Purple Cross 12698
Reversible Stole Red/White Symbols 11734
Reversible Stole Black/White Cross 11728
Reversible Stole Hunter/Purple Symbols 12699
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole Red Cross 10619
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole White Cross 10621
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole Purple Cross 10617
Empress Satin Pulpit Stoles Set 14374 - Crosses
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole Forest Cross 18539
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole Red Symbol 10620
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole White Symbol 10622
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole Purple Symbol 10618
Empress Satin Pulpit Stole Forest Symbol 18540
Empress Satin Pulpit Stoles Set 14375 - Symbols
Fleur Banding Pulpit Stole Red 13094
Fleur Banding Pulpit Stole White 13095
Fleur Banding Pulpit Stole Purple 13108
Fleur Banding Pulpit Stole Moss Green 13097
Millenova Pulpit Stole Vermillion 13100
Millenova® Pulpit Stole White 13523
Millenova® Pulpit Stole Ivory 13101
Millenova® Pulpit Stole Majestic Purple 13102
Millenova® Pulpit Stole Emerald 13103
Reversible Wedding Stole 13906
Wedding Stole 16372
Contemporary Wedding Stole 12127

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