ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Due to increased order volume and the impact of the supply chain delay we are experiencing longer than normal delays in our qwick ship order fulfillment, it may take longer than usual to fulfill your qwick ship order. We will ship any stock items as quickly as possible, should any of your items be on backorder, that portion of the order will ship in approximately 30 business days. Please contact our dedicated customer service team at (800) 552-3228 for additional details.

We appreciate your support and patience, thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.

Whether you're seeking a new bible marker, lectern scarf, or communion table runner to brighten the sanctuary, our Qwick-Ship® paraments all offer exceptional value. Choose from individual pieces or save big when you order a three piece set. We’ve also tailored our standard parament pieces, available in Pavillion or Viva, to be reversible, offering two changes of appearance in one.

3pc Parament Set Red/White Crosses 11718
3pc Parament Set Blue/White Crosses 11714
3pc Parament Set Black/White Crosses 11715
3pc Parament Set Hunter/Purple Crosses 12692
3pc Parament Set Red/White Symbols 11719
3pc Parament Set Hunter/Purple Symbols 12961 12691
3pc Parament Set Red/White Crosses 15081
3pc Parament Set Forest/Purple Crosses 15082
Bible Marker Red/White Cross 11616
Bible Marker Blue/White Cross 11613
Bible Marker Black/White Cross 11611
Bible Marker Hunter/Purple Cross 12681
Bible Marker Red/White Symbols 11617
Bible Marker Hunter/Purple Symbols 12680
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Red/White Cross 11669
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Blue/White Cross 11666
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Black/White Cross 11664
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Hunter/Purple Cross 12683
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Red/White Symbols 11670
Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Hunter/Purple Symbols 12682
Communion Table Runner Red/White Cross 11764
Communion Table Runner Blue/White Cross 11761
Communion Table Runner Black/White Cross 11759
Communion Table Runner Hunter/Purple Cross 12685
Communion Table Runner Red/White Symbols 11765
Communion Table Runner Hunter/Purple Symbols 12684
Flower Stand Cover Red/White Cross 11652
Flower Stand Cover Blue/White Cross 12057
Flower Stand Cover Black/White Cross 12170
Flower Stand Cover Hunter/Purple Cross 12687
Flower Stand Cover Red/White Symbols 11653
Flower Stand Cover Hunter/Purple Symbols 12686
3pc Millenova® Parament Set White 13534
3Pc Millenova® Parament Set Emerald 13185
3pc Millenova® Parament Set Ivory 13186
3pc Millenova® Parament Set Majestic Purple 13188
3pc Millenova® Parament Set Vermilion 13189
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf White 13529
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Emerald 13202
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Ivory 13202 13203
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Majestic Purple 13204
Millenova® Pulpit/Lectern Scarf Vermillion 13205
Millenova® Bible Marker White 13530
Millenova® Bible Marker Emerald 13206
Millenova® Bible Marker Ivory 13207
Millenova® Bible Marker Majestic Purple 13208
Millenova® Bible Marker Vermillion 13209
Millenova® Communion Table Runner White 13532
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Emerald 13198
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Ivory 13199
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Majestic Purple 13200
Millenova® Communion Table Runner Vermillion 13201
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover White 13531
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Emerald 13524
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Ivory 13525
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Majestic Purple 13526
Millenova® Flower Stand Cover Vermilion 13527

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