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High quality baptismal robes for pastors, clergy, and proselytes alike, our robes feature weighted hems to prevent floating in the baptistery. Available in black or white, pastor’s baptismal robes also feature elastic wristbands for ease of motion. Murphy Robes also offers a unique baptismal robe with non-floating culotte style leg design, providing extra security and safe entry into the baptistery. Add an extra special touch to the ceremony with an embroidered baptismal towel.

Baptismal Robe H-21
Baptismal Robe S-13
Budget Baptismal Robe H-152
Culotte Baptismal Robe S-14
Budget Baptismal Robe H-152 Set of Five
Hand Towel 15022 - Latin Cross
Hand Towel 17479 - Bishop
Clergy Hand Towel - Pastor 16373
Hand Towel 18168 - Pastor
Hand Towel 18170 - Minister
Hand Towel 18169 - Minister

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