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Create a custom clergy cassock ensemble tailored with your ministry in mind. Our selection of custom cassock robe styles range from the simple, traditional look to the elaborate, set off by ribbon trims or fabric accents. Select from our fabrics and colors, then add detail with corded piping or embroidery to create a look that is just for you. Complete your look with a custom band cincture or coordinating shoulder cape for a traditional attire rich in liturgical history.

Band Cincture 079M
Cassock 259M
Cassock 249M
Evangelical Cassock 399M
Band Cincture 083M
Band Cincture 902M
Cassock 251M
Cassock 014M
Band Cincture 013M
Cassock 260M
Band Cincture 197M
Shoulder Cape 559
Cassock 346M
Cassock 347M
Cassock 367M
Band Cincture 199M
Shoulder Cape 558
Shoulder Cape 084
Cassock 200M

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