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Tailored in easy care broadcloth, our clergy shirts for men are specially designed for the look you want in a comfortable fit that will keep you cool and looking crisp all day. With short sleeve and long sleeve clergy shirts available, you’re sure to find the look you’re looking for. We also offer a long sleeve featuring a French cuff for an extra sharp appearance. Both tab collar and banded collar clergy shirts are available in the wide range of sizes you can expect from Murphy Robes, all ready to ship next business day following factory receipt of order.

Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-101
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-104
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-103
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-107
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-115
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-102
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-111
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-114
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-106
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-109
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-110
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-112
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-116
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-108
Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-121
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-105
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-117
Banded Collar Clergy Shirt SM-118
Deacon Monogrammed Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-120
Deacon Monogrammed Tab Collar Clergy Shirt SM-122
Replacement Collar Tabs 17672 For ChurchWear® Shirts

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