Murphy Robes Clergy Shirts 1. Clergy Shirts - A practical and useful gift, our clergy shirts are tailored in a variety of styles and colors, for both men and women. Check out our men's Deacon shirts, available as both long sleeve and short sleeve in traditional gray, monogrammed with the Deacon symbol over the left pocket.
Murphy Robes Replacement Clergy Collar Tabs 2. Replacement Collar Tabs - If you pick up a clergy shirt gift, how about ordering an extra pair of replacement collar tabs? Our shirts all include one collar tab, but extras can always be helpful.
Murphy Robes Clerical Collars and Collarette 3. Clerical Collars and Collarette - Our banded collar shirts do not ship with a collar, so how about adding in a full clerical collar, available in 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" heights, or our Roman inspired collarette to finish off the shirt ensemble?
Murphy Robes Clerical Collar Case 4. Clerical Collar Case - This beautiful case is wrapped in fine grain leather and is perfect for protecting and storing clerical collar tabs, full collars, collar studs, and even cuff links.
Murphy Robes Cross Cuff Links 5. Cross Cuff Links - Our cross cuff links are the perfect gift by themselves, or as an accent to one of our French cuff clergy shirts. Available in silver, and introducing our new gold. Both colors come gift boxed.
Murphy Robes Silver Cross Necklace 6. Silver Cross Necklace - A stunning addition to any ensemble, our silver cross necklace comes gift boxed with a velveteen bag for storage.
Murphy Robes Clergy Pulpit Stoles 7. Pulpit Stoles - Our pulpit stoles can make a wonderful gift. Reversible pulpit stoles have great value, offering two changes of appearance in one, and come in the traditional colors of the church seasons.
Murphy Robes Clergy Hand Towels 8. Clergy Hand Towels - These unique gifts are available in black or white with 'Pastor' or 'Minister' embroidered in gold thread. Also available in white with 'Bishop' or a Latin Cross.
Murphy Robes Usher Gloves 9. Usher Gloves - Available in white, small and large, or in a stretch black for one size fits most, these gloves are the final touch on a traditional usher's uniform.
Murphy Robes Church Crown 10. Church Crown - A beautifully finish tailored in white Linette, this crown matches our smart styled jacket and skirt ensembles.